Scheduled For Release 2019-01-10
0000302: [Security] TFA: security keys (tim)
0000299: [General] Use WebP (tim)
0000301: [My information] Bookmarks are not exported correctly to archive (tim)
0000297: [General] Improve landing page (tim)
       0000300: [General] Scroll indicator homepage RTL (tim)
0000298: [Feed] Feed Name label shown in dark mode small screen (tim)
0000296: [General] Action bar not rounded in dark mode (tim)
0000293: [Account] Dealing with not activated accounts (tim)
0000294: [API] Logging in to app with 2FA (tim)
0000295: [API] Invalid response when logging in to app with TFA (tim)
0000290: [Feed] Hide from timeline not working correctly (tim)
0000292: [Profile] Hiding/showing posts from feed reloads page (tim)
0000291: [Posts] Improve post editing page (tim)
0000288: [General] Improve Footer responsiveness (tim)
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