Released 2018-12-04
0000250: [Profile] Extend and fix profiles (tim)
0000251: [Login & registration] Suspicious activity log out (tim)
0000253: [Login & registration] Login keyboard shortcuts firefox not working (tim)
0000252: [Login & registration] Forgot password username automatic (tim)
0000180: [General] Collections (tim)
0000247: [Profile] Don't show birthday on profile if not entered (tim)
0000246: [General] Bookmarks button missing from profile menu (tim)
0000245: [Bookmarks] Load more bookmarks problem (tim)
0000244: [Feed] Feed doesn't render properly in Chrome (tim)
0000243: [Posts] Posts do not load when disabling third party content (tim)
0000242: [Spaces] New space button wrong color (tim)
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Released 2018-09-16
0000249: [Notifications] Notifications aren't removed (tim)
0000241: [Bookmarks] Sorting menu in bookmarks not working (tim)
0000240: [Spaces] Redesign space creation (tim)
0000239: [General] Hashtag search only works without hashtag sign (tim)
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Released 2018-09-16
0000238: [Login & registration] Login with Discord (tim)
0000237: [Account] Not possible to link accounts (tim)
0000236: [Posts] Polls display incorrectly (tim)
0000235: [Friends] Add friend from search results (tim)
0000234: [Feed] Hide people from feed (tim)
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0000174: [General] Login (tim)
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